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what is the purpose of interactive showcase

Author : Date : 2020/2/17 15:23:30
The purpose of interactive showcase is to attract the attention of customers, through intelligent interactive showcase, let customers know more information about the product, and thus generate the purchase intention.The concept is relatively simple but effective: a customer picks up one of the cosmetics that appears in a sales terminal and instantly triggers a more descriptive video of the product, along with information about its price and parameters.Before, this kind of work was introduced and explained by makeup artists to customers, but now, through smart devices, customers can understand independently, and better help and guide customers.
 interactive showcase
 interactive showcase
Displaying a solution using a smart interactive showcase requires precise programming to trigger the required video when the customer lifts the product.At the same time, the use of intelligent touch screen brings more interactive experience to customers, who can check the information they want to know about the product and other users' comments on the product through the screen.

Intelligent interactive showcase system covers a number of intelligent recognition technology, all digital information and products need to be one-to-one correspondence, in order to make the normal operation of the solution.If a customer chooses a cosmetic, further information about the product can be sensed by sensors and displayed on the display screen.Accordingly, also can propose the product collocation choice for the customer.Ultimately, it helps the shop assistants communicate effectively with the customers, thus improving the overall shopping experience of the customers.

By supplementing the digital information on the smart display cabinet terminals, employees learned how to communicate and interact with customers and make Suggestions to customers, thus improving the average level of in-store consumption.Staff have also noticed an increase in foot traffic and customers are spending more time in the cosmetics department.

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