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special tour guide system for you

Author : Date : 2019/12/27 15:14:07
Many of the traditional tour guide system are designed with wired headphones, and the operation is particularly complicated when using them, requiring each transmitter and receiver to check the code before they can be used.This is very inconvenient to use, which makes people not want to use the interpreter even though they know it exists.
tour guide system
tour guide system

Inconvenient, difficult to operate on these two points, there is the sound quality above also let people feel very is a headache;Most of the traditional interpreters adopt the u-section design, which is prone to string frequency and interference. After this situation occurs, noise problems occur in the interpreters.For these reasons, don't worry about the yingmi tour guide system.

tour guide system

The yinmi tour guide system USES a built-in antenna and a 360° rotatable ear-mount design. The transmitter only weighs 30g and the receiver only weighs 20g.The design is simple and easy to carry.In the operation is more fool operation, can be a key to frequency, a key shutdown and other functions.In the face of such a design to explain the device, itself very attractive to the public like.
Yingmi tour guide system USES the international common frequency band, with anti-string frequency, anti-interference, anti-eavesdropping and other functions, at the same time in these functions with unlimited channels, can support a person to speak thousands of people to listen.The use of the Yingmi  tour guide system, even in the full use of the interpreter, the Yingmi tour guide system will not appear interference and other problems, really achieve the noiseless interpretation.
 Yingmi tour guide system  explained the device in storage and charging, in order to save time for people, the design of charging and storage of a charging box.

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