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Where is the Interactive showcase applied

Author : Date : 2020/2/10 14:47:31
Interactive showcase can be applied to shoe bag store, mobile phone store, cosmetics store and other stores.How to buy?It is more reliable to find a strong manufacturer.Explain a highlight of the display cabinet. When consumers pick up the shoes, the display screen will recommend other shoes to consumers through big data analysis and product heat according to the situation of consumers' choice of shoes.
 Interactive showcase
 Interactive showcase
If wrapped in shoes store, on Interactive showcase - "intelligent shoe rack" has a display screen, beside the shoe rack is all kinds of shoes, when consumers picked up one of a pair of shoes, a screen will display the shoes before the relevant video, text introduces and customer evaluation of the history of the shoes, price and so on related information of shoes, let consumers understand completely to the shoes all the information for the evaluation of the shoes, and other customers.
 Interactive showcase
When the consumer picks up the shoes, the display panel of the Interactive showcase will recommend other shoes to the consumer through big data analysis and product heat according to the situation of shoe selection.When consumers choose the style and try it on, they can automatically pay and pick up the goods as long as they scan the qr code on the screen. The whole process is quite convenient, and there is no need for the nagging of the assistant.

Interactive showcase use video analysis, gravity sensor and communication technology to bind goods and sensors.When a product is picked up by the customer, the background will retrieve the basic data of the product according to the product code and sensor ID, and record the corresponding specific data such as the pick up data, heat and pick up time.

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