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Portable Tour Guide System

Author : Date : 2020/2/26 14:35:35
Whether you are conducting a large group tour, monitoring operations in a noisy production factory, or managing a full-scale theatrical production, these tour guide system will meet your communication needs.
Portable Tour Guide System
tour guide system

The tour guide system can be purchased or rented with a variety of optional headphones, microphones, earphones, batteries and chargers – allowing us to help you configure a wireless communication system that best meets your needs.

Our tour guide systemballow the broadcast of live or pre-recorded audio to compatible receivers. we offers multiple options for transmitters, including encrypted transmission, infrared or radio frequency transmission, portable or stationary units from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you are looking to replace an old transmitter, add an additional transmitter to your tour guide or intercom system, or build a package from scratch , Yingmi has the solution for you!

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