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Intelligent interactive showcase value

Author : Date : 2020/2/19 16:19:26
Screen effect of intelligent interactive showcase: 1. Multi-layer dynamic commodity posters of intelligent display cabinet attract customers' attention and arouse consumption desire; 2.2. Interesting intelligent display cabinet screen interaction improves consumption experience and facilitates purchase.Customers identify vendors through smart sensors
interactive showcase
interactive showcase
Intelligent interactive showcase value: 1. Intelligent switch display active interaction/content, increase the shopping fun: screen interaction is active, as long as the customer to complete the interaction action (e.g., pick up the products), the screen will automatically switch content, greatly enhance the scene in the interactive and fun 2. An accurate advertisement window: according to the product category of induction, automatically play the default content, equivalent to sell his product to the customer at any time (3) products focus on data statistics: can record the product by the customer picks up the view of number and form data report, analysis for brand marketing decisions

Features of the intelligent interactive showcase system: 1. Display specific product information (in the form of video and pictures to show brand introduction, materials, model show, price, etc.) to enhance customers' shopping fun; 2.2. Let customers have a better experience and understand the product information by themselves, without the help of shopping guides;3. Expand products. Traditional stores believe that limited space cannot display all goods, while intelligent shelves (cloud shelves) provide virtual display space, which can expand to display unlimited goods.4. Improve work efficiency, substitute scientific and technological products for purchasing guides, so that product information is clear at a glance;5. Conform to the new retail development trend, and build a smart store environment for people, goods and market.


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